Answer – What is the admissions process


St. Luke’s Villa Skilled Nursing

A skilled nursing facility must follow standards of practice and regulations which require a resident be admitted only on the orders of a physician. A resident cannot be admitted by their, or family choice alone.

Residents of skilled nursing facilities such as St. Luke’s Villa most often come directly from a hospital. Hospital discharge planners make the referral to  St. Luke’s Villa’s Admission Director and provide the necessary information and orders. The discharge planners and Admission Director work closely together to coordinate the admission process.

A skilled nursing facility is required to meet without exception, all the medical care needs of a resident. Even if beds are available, St. Luke’s Villa is not required to admit a person if based on the information provided by hospital discharge planner,  St. Luke’s Villa determines it is unable to fully meet the resident’s medical care needs. This decision is made solely on the best interests of the potential resident.

Upon admission, the Admission Director will meet with the resident and/or their representative.  St. Luke’s Villa is required to inform the resident and/or their representative of rights, choices to be made, procedures to follow, financial obligations, services, etc. This large volume of information will be explained clearly, and in detail by the Admission Director. The resident or their representative will be asked to sign the appropriate forms acknowledging the receipt of this information and choices made.

Admission to a skilled nursing facility can be stressful for both the resident and family. All at St. Luke’s Villa are available to assist inany way needed.


St. Luke’s Villa Personal Care

Potential residents to  St. Luke’s Villa Personal Care are often referred by physicians, Case Managers from hospitals, family members, or the residents themselves. The potential resident is offered a tour of the facility and a complimentary meal. An information packet and application are given to the potential resident. When completed and returned, the application is reviewed by our Finance department since personal care is private pay. The cost is included in the information packet. A security deposit and one month’s rent is required upon admission

Since personal care regulations require that the resident be able to ambulate and transfer independently, the potential resident is evaluated for any physical and/or cognitive deficits. A pre-admission screening is also completed by St. Luke’s staff.

Upon room availability, an appointment is made. An agreement is executed by the resident and their Power of Attorney and/or Responsible Party. An admissions packet that includes resident rights, privacy/HIPAA conditions, house rules, and emergency phone numbers is provided to the resident. Once admitted a Resident Assessment Support Plan (RASP) is required to be developed  15 days after admission. This is also required annually or with any change in the resident’s condition.

The staff at St. Luke’s assists residents and family members with this entire process.